@Th3j35t3r : The Fastest Gun In The West

CyberHarassment and the CyberBullies

th3j35t3r th3j35t3r’s Twitter Avatar – Click to view his Twitter feed.

Why am I writing about th3j35t3r in a blog which focuses on cyberharassment and cyberbullies?

I’ve been monitoring his Twitter feed for a long time now and frankly I can’t think of anyone online right now that is more targeted by Tards than this guy/gal/group.

The biggest irony of all is that the people who are targeting him/her/them most frequently call themselves Anonymous.

Now I’m not going to get into the whole issue of who is or isn’t a ‘real Anon’ or who does or doesn’t reflect the concept, etc. It just gets complicated because pretty much anyone can declare themselves Anonymous irrespective of the core ideal which Anonymous represents and irrespective of whether they actually follow that core ideal or not. Although they all claim to and no doubt genuinely believe that they do follow it.

Either that…

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