A higher chance to develop PTSD like symptoms due to ASD?

A higher chance to develop PTSD like symptoms due to ASD?

A higher chance to develop PTSD like symptoms due to ASD?

Recently I’ve been thinking, while flipping through the copy of my end assesment/diagnosis of my therapist.
Could it be possible that due to the way people on the spectrum are said to process information, as well as sensory stimuli overload, that some might be more prone to exhibit more Post-traumatic stress disorder like symptoms?

The likeliness that certain everyday things might be to stressful and lead to avoidance or more severe anxiety and thus for a impairment to function “normally”. I feel it’s quite similar to a meltdown, where avoidance might be more something to where you’re “overprotective” of yourself to not expose yourself to possible triggers.

It’s just a random thought I had. Anyone care to share thoughts about it?

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Re: A higher chance to develop PTSD like symptoms due to ASD?

I think it is less socially acceptable to have meltdowns as we pass from childhood / adolescence to adulthood. While we’re kids we know our parents will tolerate our symptomatic behaviour; however, we soon learn that our peers and other adults are less tolerant of it. For instance, my Aspergers-and-schizophrenic stepson would only have meltdowns in front of his family, and never at school or out in public. Others couldn’t imagine the meltdown behaviour – which he’d store up all day waiting for a time and a trigger to vent. Other’s always commented what an angel he was in their presence. It is sadly ironic that the people who love the Aspergers child the most are the ones who suffer the most.
As adults we suppress this frustration or redirect it into other channels – which could potentially manifest as, say, PTSD-like symptoms. I know I have taught myself to calm down to cope with my extreme anxiety; otherwise I don’t think I could have coped with half of what I have had to endure over the last few years. To others I must look cool and unfazed, but this is a front; one which may well be causing me harm in other ways (bottling up all my tension cannot be healthy).

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Re: A higher chance to develop PTSD like symptoms due to ASD?

I actually have PTSD; my main symptom is disassociation.
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Re: A higher chance to develop PTSD like symptoms due to ASD?

I have PTSD too, but its not from AS. Its from other things that happened in my life. But I think it might be that I was more prone to it because of the way things do affect me. Maybe. I don’t know. But it would be a good thing to maybe study in our population.

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Re: A higher chance to develop PTSD like symptoms due to ASD?

Recently I’ve been thinking about this thread a bit. I wanted to open a new thread, but it might fit alongside this thread.


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