Rant d’Jour: Affirmative Action

Rant d’jour: Affirmative Action, Equity and Equality at *Harvard University. 
In reality, Harvard only accepts the best students with the highest scores. 
If they are so damn good at educating our youth, let them take those who can benefit the most from such an education. 
The truth is, if Harvard only accepts the best students, their job (presumably, to turn out highest achievers; the creme de la creme; the best of the best) is *that* much easier. 
Think how easy their job is given their baseline population. 
This makes no sense! 
If Harvard is so damn good at teaching people, let them take the worst and make them the best. 
Give the Academic Elite a real challenge. 
Are they up
for it? 
Are you?

Elyssa D. Durant, EdM

Footnotes: *I used Harvard synbolically to represent elite Ivy League colleges and Univeristities. 

Could just as easily subsituteVanderbilt  University, Columbia, Cornell, Brown etc.

Last I checked Bill Bennett and his values were no longer in Washington…

Make up your mind Metro! 

If we are to expecting to entertain creationism as a viable alternative to the theory of evolution and natural selection, then keep it out of American classrooms.

How can we tell children that they were all created equally without giving them a fair shot in this world?

For those who doubt that the art is a form of intelligence, I suggest you read Multiple Intelligence asap. 


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