Adult Aspergers | Asperger Syndrome


Adult Aspergers

by admin,
September 21st 2011

The Most Essential Things That You Must Know about Adult Aspergers Individuals

Although Aspergers syndrome is a disorder that affects children and adults alike, anyone should know that its symptoms might vary greatly as the person ages. Thus, there are some specific symptoms and signs in children that cannot be found in adults and vice versa. In adult Aspergers cases, the most important symptoms are related to language and speech skills; repetitive and restricted behavior and interests; and social interaction. As these fields are the ones that excessively affect the life of an adult, the following paragraphs devote their contents to these specific areas.

Language and Speech Skills

Most adult Aspergers cases show capacities of acquiring specific language and speech skills without any significant delay. But, although the speech usually lacks noticeable abnormalities, the language itself is often used atypically. Some…

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