Reporting terrorism, affect your credit? (we’re doomed)

I replied to the ISN post challenging the researchers, questioning if they don’t understand the power after controlling 10,000 or 100,000 nodes, how will they really learn anything by controlling 1,000,000 nodes? This kind of power with any type of net connectivity is dangerous. What if a bad guy gets ahold of THEIR botnet? They already admittedly don’t understand the power of a 1 million node botnet. Anyone that cannot learn from 10k or 100k machines, cannot learn from 1 million machines. If they can learn, they can also be tempted by the criminal nature of what they’re doing. The line between 100k and 1 million is amazingly blurry.
The Sandia researchers go on to talk about ‘study in the wild’ and imply that studying in the lab doesn’t suffice. If you can’t replicate this environment in the lab, then you fail as junior 101 collegiate researchers. If you argue, then see above, you are criminals waiting to happen and we’ll see you on ISN in a year or two. In the rare case we don’t, we’ll see your limp research paper buried in academia, as ‘academics’ that couldn’t figure out “real life”


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