No Harm No Fowl

Stimtastic Aspergers

Governing my personal aspie traits is a daily challenge, not to say or do something egregious. I have to be conscientious, almost vigilant, about the things I’m going to say or do. When I’m engaged in a conversation, I often censor my thoughts, which creates a brief delay before I speak. I learned this technique through many years of adaptation. Today, however, my filter was turned off. I was helping an administrator figure out a problem, and stated quite cavalierly, “Well, isn’t this a pain in the balls”. So not appropriate for a corporate environment, and so not sexual harassment friendly. As fortune would have it, the administrator thought what I said was awesome, and no one else heard my HR faux pas. It was the end of the day, and my mind was a bit fatigued, but I am still bothered about how second nature it is for me…

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