Cyberbullying / Stalking & Harassment


Cyberbullying / Stalking & Harassment

Cyberbullying / Stalking & Harassment
Cyberstalking and Cyberharassment
In the early days of cyberabuse, when WiredSafety’s volunteers first offered help to victims of cyberstalking and cyber-harassment in 1995, cyberstalking and cyberharassment were defined differently. Now cyberstalking and cyberharassment are lumped together along with any way adults use digital technology to torment, harass, intentionally annoy or set their victims up for attacks by unwitting third parties (like hate groups and violent individuals). While this short article summarizes cyberharassment, WiredSafety has more resources and more experience than any other online group on the issue of cyberharassment, cyberstalking and cyberbullying (minor-to-minor). Visit our tutorials, take a class or two online with us, visit our help channel or refer your case to our WiredPatrol Internet Response Team for help form our specially-trained volunteers. The one thing you need to understand about cyberharassment is that you shouldn’t have to…

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