Certified Ubuntu images coming to Google Cloud Platform

Certified Ubuntu images coming to Google Cloud Platform

Certified Ubuntu images coming to Google Cloud Platform
by Rachel King, zdnet.com
November 3
Mobile advertising and social data tied up like ribbons to holiday tech story packages are starting to fall like autumn leaves, but the cloud will partially hover over the spotlight for the first half of the month.

That’s because both Google and Amazon, among others, are scheduled to reveal big steps in each of their cloud strategies. The first trickle of news comes from Canonical, the United Kingdom-based open source software platform pusher of Ubuntu.

The company announced on Monday that certified Ubuntu cloud images will be made available on the Google Cloud Platform. Canonical stressed enterprise IT departments can use these images to run and scale out workloads in the cloud with customer support covering maintenance and security updates for up to five years.

The extension to Google Cloud Platform means that Ubuntu is now certified for “every major public cloud,” according to Canonical, following deployments for Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure.

Canonical also unveiled a distribution of Ubuntu for OpenStack, touting it as a fully managed private cloud that can be built in minutes.

These developments are dropping one day before the next meeting of Google Cloud Platform Live, hosted in San Francisco on Tuesday, November 4 with a simultaneous screening in New York City as well as a webcast available globally.

Thus, expect more news soon from the Internet giant, which has been promising many more new releases and upgrades since the March event as well as Google I/O in June.

Price cuts could also be in store based on Google cloud guru Urs Hölzle’s argument that cloud pricing, like hardware, should mimic Moore’s Law — not to mention Seattle-headquartered rival AWS is hosting its own annual summit in Las Vegas next week.



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