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Battle for the Net Widget

Join the battle for net neutrality with our action widget!

September 10th, 2014 is the Internet Slowdown! The goal of this project is to allow anyone with a web site to run their own campaign to save net neutrality. Simply embed a couple of lines of Javascript and you’re good to go!

To stay up-to-date on developments, please subscribe to our developer mailing list. If you have any problems or questions regarding the widget, please submit an issue or email Jeff Lyon.

How it works

Non-technical version:

  • Developer embeds widget code snippet on their site (either modal or banner)
  • On September 10th, 2014, users are shown the widget on their first page view
  • Users can interact with or dismiss the widget
  • A cookie is written so the user doesn’t see the widget again

Technical version:

Please take a look at widget.js if you want to see exactly what you’ll be embedding on your page.

  • Compatible with Firefox, Chrome, Safari and Internet Explorer 10+
  • Embed the widget Javascript code on your page
  • Optionally pass in customization parameters (see below), or defaults are used
  • Widget checks to make sure it should be shown (September 10th 2014 and hasn’t been shown to this user before, via cookie). You can override this check for testing purposes
  • Widget preloads any images required for the chosen animation
  • Widget injects a floating iframe onto your page. All but the most trivial styles and interactions take place in the iframe so as not to interfere with your CSS and Javascript
  • Animation displays in floating iframe
  • The user can dismiss the iframe and a cookie is written so it won’t show again (unless you override)

Installation Instructions (Modal)

See the demo: Development version


The modal animation will show up front-and-center on your page, prompting visitors to contact the FCC and Congress.

To show the modal on September 10th, paste this into your HEAD:

<script src="//" async></script> 

We’ll be working on adding new features between now and September 10th, (the code you embed on your page won’t change though). Be sure to let your users know this is under development and link them back to

Installation Instructions (Banner)

See the demo: Light | Dark


The banner shows up in one of the corners (you can customize), or as a strip along the top or bottom on mobile devices. You can choose a light or dark theme.

To show the banner on September 10th, paste this code into your HEAD tag:

<script type="text/javascript"> var _bftn_options = { animation: 'banner' } </script> <script src="//" async></script> 

Banner customization options:

Notice the _bftn_options object in the code snippet above? You can pass some other options in to customize the position of the banner on-screen.

  • theme: The theme. Either light (default) or dark
  • position: The position of the banner. Can be topright (default) or bottomright
  • offsetY: The number of pixels to “nudge” the banner away from the top of the window
  • url: The URL that clicking the banner should go to. Default is

Customized banner examples:

Banner with dark theme, bottom right corner. Paste this into your HEAD:

<script type="text/javascript"> var _bftn_options = { animation: 'banner', position: 'bottomright', theme: 'dark' } </script> <script src="//" async></script> 

Banner with custom link, paste this into your HEAD:

<script type="text/javascript"> var _bftn_options = { animation: 'banner', url: '' } </script> <script src="//" async></script> 

How to test the banner/modal

The widget is designed to only appear on September 10th, 2014, and only once, per user, per device. If you’d like to force it to show up on your page for testing, please (re)load the page with #SHOW_BFTN_WIDGET in the URL.

Embed the Modal on your blog

If you want to show off the modal to your users prior to September 10th (thanks!) you can use this code to directly embed it on your page:

To embed the action form on your page, use this code:


Which browsers are supported

Modern browsers, and the two latest versions of Internet Explorer.


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