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Directory Services


ARIN’s Whois RESTful Web Service (Whois-RWS), much like the former Whois, is the directory service for accessing registration data contained within ARIN’s registration database. Whois-RWS can easily be integrated into command line scripts similar to Whois or RWhois, or it can be used with a web browser.

Bulk Whois

Bulk Whois is a service by which ARIN provides access to a bulk copy of all objects in the ARIN Whois directory service to academic researchers and network operators wishing to view the data for accepted purposes. This service is covered by an acceptable use policy, which is detailed in the request form.


The WhoWas service provides historical registration information for a given IP address or ASN. This service is available by request in the DOWNLOADS & SERVICES section of ARIN Online. Requests are subject to approval and are covered by a Terms of Use agreement.

Number Resource Fraud Reporting

This fraud reporting process is to be used to notify ARIN of suspected Internet number resource fraud including the submission of falsified utilization or organization information, unauthorized changes to records within ARIN’s database, hijacking of number resources in ARIN’s database, or fraudulent transfers.

Whois Inaccuracy Reporting

This service is to be used to notify ARIN of inaccurate Whois records, including Point of Contact records (POCs), Organization Identifiers (Org IDs), Network records (NETs), and Autonomous System Numbers (ASNs) with outdated or erroneous organization or contact information. Upon receipt of the notification of inaccurate Whois data, ARIN staff will attempt to contact the organization associated with the inaccurate Whois entry and request updated information. To report a Whois Inaccuracy, select “Whois Inaccuracy Report” from the right menu on any page.

Resource Management Services

Provisioning and Maintenance of Registration Records (Reg-RWS)

In an effort to improve your ability to automate your interactions with ARIN’s database records, ARIN offers a RESTful interface for its provisioning systems. The Registration RESTful Web Service (Reg-RWS) provides an immediate response and enables more efficient and more complex interactions with ARIN systems than email templates.


ARIN Online customers can use DNS Security (DNSSEC) functionality by adding DS Records as part of DNS zone management. We encourage you to learn more about this service and the benefits of using DNSSEC.

Resource Public Key Infrastructure (RPKI)

ARIN Online users may now participate in RPKI: a free, opt-in service that allows users to certify their Internet number resources to help secure Internet routing. This initiative has been developed within the IETF’s SIDR Working Group, with involvement from Regional Internet Registries (RIRs), and numerous Internet Service Providers (ISPs).

ARIN encourages members of the Internet community to certify their resources through RPKI. Internet routing today is vulnerable to hijacking and the provisioning/use of certificates is one of first steps required to make routing more secure. Widespread RPKI adoption will help simplify IP address holder verification and routing decision-making throughout the ARIN region.

For more information about this crucial step in securing Internet routing, visit ARIN’s RPKI Home Page.

Cryptographic Authentication

ARIN Online and RESTful interfaces are the preferred methods for most transactions with ARIN. You are able to use HTTPS to be assured that your account information cannot be seen by others as you communicate with ARIN. Your ARIN Online account is protected because it is not readily known by the community via Whois (the legacy system identified the Points of Contacts who were able to make changes to the system). As an additional protection, your ARIN Online accounts allows for you to link API keys to your RESTful calls. ARIN requires use of API keys for both RESTful and template transactions as of 19 March 2011.

For those who require additional security, we still support PGP (Pretty Good Privacy) for email transactions. This allows for additional authentication of your requests.

CIDR Calculator

The CIDR Calculator allows you to convert an IP address range to CIDR notation or convert a CIDR prefix to an IP address range.

Routing Registry

The ARIN routing registry service allows network operators to submit, maintain, and retrieve router configuration information abstracted from the languages and syntaxes utilized by router configuration software. The Routing Registry page offers a detailed explanation of how to access and utilize this information to support your organization.

Operational Test and Evaluation environment (OT&E)

OT&E is an environment containing a copy of production-like data, refreshed monthly, that allows developers to experiment with ARIN interactions without affecting production data. See ARIN’s OT&E page for more information.

Community Software Repository

As a service to the community, ARIN furnishes a software repository for tools that are related to ARIN’s mission. These tools are furnished “as is” and maintained by members in the community.


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