Chilling Effects July 31, 2014

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July 31, 2014 by Emily Hong – Chilling Effects staff
Twitter: DMCA Notices up 380 9,199; Counter Notices up 800 18

Today, Twitter released its latest transparency report, revealing new data on the number of takedown requests and copyright notices received from January through June 2014. Both the number of government requests for data and various requests to withhold content increased over the previous reporting period. Requests to withhold content, including those sent by the governments of Turkey and Pakistan previously covered by this blog (here, and here), increased by 14%, to 432 notices, and the number of DMCA notices increased 38%, to 9,199 notices.
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“DMCA Notice” Used to Shut Down Popcorn Time On Github

July 15, 2014 by Emily Hong – Chilling Effects Staff
On July 11, the Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA) has filed an curious “Notice of Infringement” under the DMCA, demanding that Github remove repositories, known as “repos,” for the popular open source software PopcornTime. PopcornTime is a Netflix-style media streaming service built on peer-to-peer file sharing; the software, sometimes referred to as “Netflix for Pirates,” was built and is maintained by a network of anonymous programmers. Its source code has been hosted on Github, a popular code-sharing and collaboration site used by programmers around the world.
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