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i have spent 2 “VERY frustrating” days with comcast techs phone service, since installing the new ARRIS TG862 modem/gateway. but, my problem is only 1/2 of the majority here. i do NOT want the bridge mode, but i NEED the wi-fi OFF.

**** i use HARDWIRE connections ONLY — canNOT have wireless technologies in my home due to SEVERE health issues!!!****

HISTORY OF ISSUES and POOR customer service. every ‘solution’ created ANOTHER PROBLEM!!

1st – had to call to activate, because there was no internet access and no phone service. the auto-mated phone activation did not work, so had to call customer service using my cellphone. phone service came on, but still no internet connectivity/access.

2nd – after 2 phone calls to comcast, troubleshooted on own and tried disconnecting my old linksys wireless router and that did the trick (could now access internet — btw, with the linksys, we were able to go online and turn OFF the wireless).

3rd – next step was to get the wireless signal OFF on the Arris TG862. found where to turn off their new ‘home hotspot’, but nothing online to disable the wifi. called comcast. they turned the wi-fi OFF. the LIGHT on the modem also went out (like the manual says it will — light “off” means wi-fi is disabled, light “on” means wi-fi is enabled).

4th – the person who turned off the wi-fi, ALSO de-activated my TV HD converter box!!! had to call again to get that re-activated. why did they even touch the TV?? my phone call had been about the new modem/gateway and ONLY the modem/gateway!

5th – when we later had both our PC’s on, discovered we lost our network and only 1 PC was able to access the internet at a time (before they turned ‘off’ the wi-fi, all our PCs had internet access and could communicate via our home network). called comcast. turns out when i asked them to turn the wireless off, they also put it into “bridge-mode”. i did NOT ask for bridge mode… and that really surprised me because of all the posts with people having problems getting the bridge mode on (who wanted it). the tech disabled the bridge mode, disabled wi-fi, etc… our hardwire connections were now working from the modem/gateway as desired.

6th – next morning, the wi-fi light was back ON. per the manual, this means the wi-fi is “enabled”. called comcast. she ‘disabled’ the wi-fi and assured me everything else had not changed (BUT, the light on the modem was still ON!). so, i called again and asked him to check to make sure. he also said the wi-fi is disabled. but couldn’t answer why is the light on the modem still on then (solid light for wi-fi). he told me i’d need level2 tech support and gave me a toll-free number to call. it gave me the normal comcast phone recording with all the menu choices, etc… i eventually hung up, never getting to a live person that time around.

the PROBLEM — i need the wi-fi/wireless signal turned OFF… and ONLY the wi-fi OFF.

and KEEP the router/gateway of the modem LEFT ON.

i want to use the modem/gateway for all 4 hardwired connections (router, network, internet access) and phone, etc, BUT NOT WI-FI. this is a serious health issue for me. it needs to be turned OFF, not just disabled (they say it’s disabled, but per my modem, wi-fi is still on!). i’m still able to login to the manage website. i tested the wi-fi using my laptop and can’t connect via wi-fi, so it is “disabled”. but it’s still ‘signaling’ per the modem wi-fi light.

it’s too late to switch back to the “old” modem from comcast as it was returned via UPS yesterday afternoon (saw no reason to delay the return since it was “finally working” tues pm), otherwise i’d take that option as some have here. i’ve spent 2 days, numerous hours, on the phone with comcast… took notes for 8 of the calls… much time spent on hold while they were “looking into it”… etc.

i’m hoping ComcastLarry, ComcastMattV or ComcastTuska can help me!!!

Elyssa D. Durant. Ed.M.Research & Policy Analyst


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