DailyDDoSe d’jour

I’m appalled that they turned my per my gateway into a hot spot with our my consent or authorization.

That causes a major security flaw to bypass proxy. Allows ANYONE to use my gateway as a hot spot squeezing me out of the digital spectrum.

The handy little app that you must “see to believe” requires broadband.

They log in to my hotspot and slows down (or intercepts) my WPA2 Gateway that allows anyone to log on to my Gateway an bypass Encrypted password to create an ad hoc network that is connects automatically with out login or password.

This also means that I get kicked off the premium secured channel and forced onto the exciting new “xfinitywifi” hotspot for only $3 an hour more than the ridiculous price I already pay for their horrific service.


Over my dead body!!

Just me,


@ELyssaD © 2014

Elyssa D. Durant. Ed.M.Research & Policy Analyst


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