The Durant Report on Scientific Intelligence to the CIA

The Durant Report on Scientific Intelligence to the CIA

The Durant report of the Robertson Panel proceedings | Jan 14th 2013
This file contains the text of a document known variably and interchangeably as The Durant Report or The Robertson Panel Report.

In truth, the above named items are indeed different items, but the Panel report is contained in the Durant Report, which is a detailed report of the Panel proceedings.


We believe this version to be the latest, most complete version available. Certainly, it is the latest to be released by the Central Intelligence Agency. Comparison with several other versions released over the years seem to confirm that.

Items such as the question of the “Tabs” are resolved in this version. Some earlier versions did not label the 2-page “panel report”, but it takes it’s proper place as “Tab A” in this version.

We have been working on documenting as much as possible about the early 1950’s. The Robertson Panel was of special interest. The documents we obtained indicated that it was likely that the President at least had knowledge of the actions of the Intelligence Advisory Committee in ordering the Robertson Panel to be convened. [1]

When we began our FOIA requests for this document, we thought that the report itself should be pretty easy to get through the National Archives.

We were mistaken.

The Archives did not have a copy and informed us that the Durant Report was in the custody of the CIA. We filed FOIA requests with the CIA. Please note the length of time this FOIA request took. Please also note that, protestations to the contrary, the CIA did have the document in their custody, in fact, several versions of it.

Later, the CIA did provide a copy to the National Archives, a copy of which we obtained. It is not identical with the copy which is in this file. Neither was that copy the same as material previously provided by the CIA.

A “sanitized” version of the Panel Report (Tab A) only was released long ago through the efforts of Dr. Leon Davidson and another, still “sanitized” yet more complete version of the whole document through the efforts of Anne Druffel. [2]

Also, a sanitized version was published as Appendix Y in The Condon Report. [3]

And several versions, (or partial copies), came as part of the nearly 900 pages of UFO related material the CIA had previously declassified and had provided to other FOIA requestors. (Purchased by us from the CIA in 1992.)

None of the copies obtained from the CIA were completely legible. All differed in some detail: some were on legal sized paper, some on letter sized paper, some double spaced, some single spaced, no version had the signatures of the Panel members. Typefaces, that is typewriters, differed between the versions, as did line breaks and pagination.

All this is a clear indication that several versions of the report have been prepared and released by the CIA over the years and were circulating.



[1] The Confirmation Paper (Available here on CUFON)
[2] Druffel, 1975 (CUFOS)
[3] Scientific Study of Unidentified Flying Objects, E.P. Dutton & Co., New York, 1969


[ ] Items in square brackets blacked out (actual text if visible, “BLACKED OUT” if not visible)
{ } Items in curly brackets describe items not possible to represent in ASCII
XXX Indicates page breaks

Pagination has been maintained, but note that the copy supplied was on legal sized sheets and was double-spaced.

Central Intelligence Agency
Washington, D.C. 20505

28 NOV 1994

Mr. Dale Goudie
[Address deleted by CUFON]

Reference: F92-0970

Dear Mr. Goudie:

This is further to our letter dated 6 September 1994 and acknowledges receipt of your letter dated 16 October 1994 concerning the above referenced Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request for information pertaining to the Durant Report which is also referred to as the Robertson Report. Specifically, you questioned our “no records” response to your request and you “submit to [us] that the ‘no records’ response is not appropriate given the situation as [you] outlined” in your 16 October letter.

As you are aware, on 23 September 1991 you requested records pertaining to “the Robertson Panel…[and] one ‘Robertson Panel’ report” (F91-1615). On 11 October 1991 (enclosed), we informed you that we had conducted searches in our other records systems on behalf of an earlier requester for information regarding the subject of your request, the results of which were negative. Notwithstanding the results of that search, we conducted a search in our computerized system of previously released material and provided you with 25 pages of material that we thought might be somewhat responsive to your request.

As a matter of administrative discretion, enclosed is another copy of the material which has been previously provided to you at least once. We also advised you that the report to which you referred was “released by the Air Force Office of Public Information on 9 April 1958” and that you should submit your request to the Air Force or to the National Archives and Records Administration (NARA) as it was our understanding the Air Force had turned its records over to NARA.

On 9 November 1991 (F91-2167), you requested once again documents concerning the Robertson Panel Report regarding the subject of Unidentified Flying Objects. On 25 February 1992 (enclosed), we referred you to your F92-0259 request for “copies of the ‘nearly 900 pages of UFO-related documents’ which were released in 1978 or 1979” wherein we had offered you the released material for a cost of ten cents a page less the first 100 pages.


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