Because you asked… @Vanderbilt Lawsuit

Someone asked me today why Vanderbilt won’t allow me to finish the last year of my doctoral studies so I can get my life back together after 15 years of living in what can only be described as a living hell in subsidized housing earning $10.46 an hour with NO BENEFITS teaching special Ed in a high risk urban school district.

Here is the short version:

Vanderbilt University is suing me for $7,000 in medical expenses I do not have.

The Registrar, Gary Gibson, will not release my transcripts so I can find employment.

I am not eligible for aiumni privileges, since I am 8 credits shy of the 72 I need for my PhD in Public Policy.

They terminated my email address and all student or alumni privileges shortly after the dean of the Graduate School granted me an Official Leave of Absence while the University reorganized the doctoral program.

The library, alumni affairs, and employment office all denied internet access and employment resources.

They will not give me a job, or allow me to benefit from career services.

Since they no longer offer either of the graduate degrees I was admitted to. I was told I must reapply to be a different department if I wish to complete my Ph.D.

Ironically, that would require an official transcript be enclosed with my THIRD application to this damn school.

Since they have placed a hold on my records, filing yet another application seems rather pointless.

For $7,000 dollars? I owe well over quarter million in student loans and uninsured medical expenses.

If they want the money that bad, one might think they would want help me find a job so I can pay them back.

In addition, you would think that the Dept. of Education would realize it would be cheaper to hire me than harass me.

So, exactly how much does it cost to get a library card in this town?

Elyssa D. Durant, Ed.M.
Unemployed & Overqualified
United States of Embarrassment

All rights reserved © 2002-2014


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