Color Me Crazy: The Politics of the DSM


Powers That Beat: The Deepest Link

Did we not learn anything from the Hawthorne studies where we learned that the very act of observation in and of itself changes not only behavior, but also performance of subjects in any given setting?

There simply is no such thing as “natural” observation. The act of observing changes behavior, and I can tell you for certain that the act of being observed sure changes mine!

Largely driven by pharmaceutical conglomerates, a psychiatric diagnosis can be every bit a trendy as a pair of designer jeans back in middle school. It seems that lately, that diagnoses are driven more and more by Big Pharma and the latest and greatest pharmaceutical discovery.

It started in the 70’s when Valium first became known as “Mommy’s Little Helpers.”

The 80’s brought with it the discovery of Prozac, the wonder drug. And before we knew it, everyone from…

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