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Control Negative Content

Your search results are your reputation online. ReputationDefender offers proven solutions to suppress negative search results and replace them with accurate, positive content you control. We offer custom solutions for doctors, lawyers, SMBs, and all other professionals who depend on their reputations for their livelihoods.

Push up the good, push down the bad

We employ a range of proprietary technologies and techniques to push up positive, accurate content that showcases the real you. In the process, misleading, outdated, or inaccurate items sink lower, where they belong. Everything we do is based on Internet best practices and designed to provide real, lasting results.

Quality, custom content to dominate the search results

As part of your engagement, we create a range of professional content tailored to your niche. Most engagements center around understated, third-person biographies written by our team of US-based professional writers and editors. Everything is written to your specifications and reviewed for accuracy.

Complete control over what gets published

Nothing goes online without your approval. Before we publish anything, you get the chance to approve it, either by email or by logging into our platform. You are free to make any edits you choose prior to publication.

Strategic dissemination to maximize impact

Content gets published to a personalized collection of websites, handpicked for their applicability to your niche and their ability to influence your search results. Our publications team carefully selects a variety of sites, ranging from blogs and landing pages to industry-specific profile sites and more. Sites and content are published gradually, in a natural pattern that maximizes the positive effect on your search results.

Experts to oversee all progress

A team of Reputation Advisors oversees your account every step of the way, ensuring that everything gets completed to your specifications and that all of your questions or concerns are met. Call or email your team at any time for an update or to provide additional information for our editorial team. We’re always available to you.

Elyssa D. Durant. Ed.M.Research & Policy Analyst


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