I don’t suffer fools gladly…

I don’t suffer fools gladly…

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Written by Krypt3ia
2010/01/13 at 00:01
Posted in jihad, OSINT, th3j35t3r, The Stupid It Burns!, What the???
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2010/01/13 at 01:34
Comment fail or spelling fail on my part?

2010/01/13 at 01:38
FFS. The idea itself is stupid on so many levels. What’s he going to do next, try to take down someone who’s hosting a copy of the US Army field manuals for basic infantry tactics? Why, those field manuals might be used by AQ to learn how our troops fight, or to develop their own infantry skills!
This has all the hallmarks of a stupid kid who has a little power and absolutely zero common sense. If it wasn’t for the fact there are so many of the mouthbreathing motherfuckers, they’d amuse me.

2010/01/13 at 07:08
In response:
I was warned you didn’t play nicely with the other ‘kids’.
It’s rather amusing that in the absence of any concrete knowledge about myself or my reasoning, that you have resorted to pass me off as a child. Very classy.
Furthermore, the fact that you, a highly regarded blogger, and please make no mistake thats all you are, find it acceptable to be hosting Jihad Training videos, not just one, but 20 or so volumes, combined with the fact that you think that because it’s all in the name of ‘research’ shows exactly how important you see yourself. You don’t even try to lock the offending content down.
This to my mind is hugely irresponsible. I know you may now try to say it’s sitting there as a honeytrap, but I seriously doubt it, considering the BadBlue platform inherent limitations.
In the immortal words of your Bruce Willis: ‘If you’re not part of the solution – you are part of the problem.’
I am not here to justify myself or my actions, only to give MY opinion on your open letter to me. My motivations are my business. At least I was honest enough to come forward and approach you privately about your contributions to Jihadism.
I rather hoped we could have get our heads together regarding the threats we face. Alas you are happy to just talk jibber jabber.

2010/01/13 at 10:39
I’ve never met the Bastard in person. In fact, I have no idea how we met. (He found me; I’ve never asked how.) And even though I don’t know him very well, I can tell you some things.
One: he plays very well with grown-ups. He doesn’t play nice with children. Conduct yourself like a professional, treat him professionally, and you’ll get professional conduct back. So far, you’re not doing very well on the ‘professional’ scale. You’re doing pretty damn snappy on the ‘child’ scale.
You like to take down websites for thirty minutes… why? It’s not contributing anything to the campaign against Al-Qaeda. In fact, it might actually be harming it. Western intelligence agencies watch those boards pretty closely. If you’re trying to take these boards down, well, guess who’s looking at you now, kid? You’re potentially compromising intelligence gathering operations, you’re being an inconvenience at best to the bad guys, you’re committing multiple felonies, and the intel community probably knows who you are by now. On top of it all, your target selection leaves a lot to be desired. Blue-on-blue is the mark of an amateur.
“I am not here to justify myself or my actions,” you say. That’s fine. Your actions tell us enough. I don’t give a damn about your motivations. Neither does the Bastard. What people give a damn about are your tradecraft and your results.

2010/01/14 at 05:09
Rob, Crabby:
Substantive comments require few words. Loquacious comments are characteristic of aspiring amateurs.
a fortiori

a fortiori
2010/01/25 at 15:14
In the spirit of that bait to answer here is my reply: “meh”

2010/01/25 at 15:49
So, in other words, because you’re incapable of responding intelligently to constructive criticism, I’m the amateur?
Sure. Let me know how that works for you.

2010/01/25 at 16:32
[…] my posts and for the work I do here as does Jester for what he does. However, I still feel that his methods are trivial in the fight against terror and his psyche is more that of a person with poor impulse […]

Wikileaks to the Left of Me, Jokers to the Right, Here I Am Stuck in the Middle With You. « Crabbyolbastard Ruminates
2010/12/04 at 15:33


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