The CyberBullies: How Far Will They Go. 1

CyberHarassment and the CyberBullies

One of the problems that the Cyberharrasers always face is credibility. They tell so many lies and misrepresent things in such an obvious way that they are constantly getting caught in their own webs of deceit.

This motivates them to go further and further in their deceptions and will often go as far as actually framing people in a desperate bid to prove their false allegations.

Here is one example of the lengths that they will go to in order to deceive people.

Michael Babcock likes to pick up free or purchased domain names using some of our names.

He’s done this to me and two other people that I know of.

He then creates a web site under the targets name to either post defamatory libel, lies and other deceptive information on or to engage in a deception by impersonating the person he’s targeted.

In my case and in…

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