iPad Grants To Improve Learning

iPad Grants To Improve Learning

How To Get A Grant For iPads
A Few Tips To Reduce Time Looking For A Grant
Read Qualifications Carefully Before Applying For A Grant. Before writing a grant proposal make sure you are not wasting your time by applying for grants that you will not qualify for.
Define need before looking for a specific grant to apply for. You may waste a lot of time looking from grants that advertise they pay for iPads. Your best bet is to look for grants that help with the specific need you are trying to fill. For example: If your trying to obtain iPads to improve reading skills of first graders, look for foundations with a passion for improving literacy.
Do not be shy about applying for technology grants. There are many grants to innovate new technology into the classroom. Just be prepared to define how you are going to use the devices in a new way.
Don’t forget to search local and ask businesses to donate. If your a nonprofit or community groups such as a pre-school, nursing home, community outreach program or other community group don’t be afraid to ask local business or organizations to help. Get inventive, while you may or may not get one company or group to pay for the whole project, you may get several that will pay it together.
Research statistics for your project. Don’t just tell donors that iPads will help solve the problem you project is trying to improve give them supporting evidence.
Don’t give up at your first few no’s. Getting a lot of nos can sometime be daunting but it is just part of the process. Most successful grant applicants have filled out application upon application until they are finally successful.

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