iPad Grants To Improve Learning

iPad Grants To Improve Learning

“Danny’s Wish” is a non-profit that has a goal to raise $50,000 to supply approximately 100 iPads to children with special needs that needs an iPad the most. To get more information and fill out an application go to Danny’s Wish.

A child’s insurance may also help pay for or pay for a iPad for your child if you can show they need it. Find out how to get your insurance to pay for your autistic child’s iPad here.

For a list of groups that help Autistic Children go to here.

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While the amount of educational and effective apps for preschoolers increase so will the amount of Preschools that start to intertwine their curriculum with the use of iPads.
Most grants preschool teachers receive that can help pay for grant funding typically fall under the special education and technology section of grant funders. However they can also be funded through some private sector grants.

IPads are quickly moving into school from Pre-K to High School. The iPad in the Classroom can Enhance Learning in many ways.
Schools and teachers are having some success in seeking grant funding for iPads through foundations and programs that support improved technology and creative classroom learning.

Sign up grantsalert.com to get free email grant alerts for education and classroom grants.

This provides proven methods for writing and getting grants awarded. This book is geared to guide teachers, librarians, administrators and PTO leaders step by step to applying and getting a grant for classroom projects.

Granted: A Teacher’s Guide to Writing & Winning Classroom Grants

by Chris Taylor
Provides proven methods for writing and getting grants awarded an excellent resource for teachers, school leaders, preschools, private and public schools and other educators.

$14.90 Buy Now
Most Common Types Of Grants That May Fund iPads:

Technology Grants
Classroom Grants
Grants For Autistic Children
Preschool Grants

DonorsChoose.org is a great way for teachers to find funding for equipment and programs that need to work with there students on a whole new level. This program is great for many reasons, but mostly because most projects are funded by multiple doners in almost any program. It can take teachers or anyone a lot of effort to contact each individually, this website allows teachers to reach doners in a faster method. It also gives you a way to set up a grant proposal for all to see so you do not have to explain the project a hundred times.
iPad Adventures at Lower School: iPad Grant Proposal – for the record
Sample of iPad Grant Proposal for a school.
Teacher iPad Grant Proposal for Classroom
Sample of a grant a teacher wrote to get iPads in her classroom.

The first thing I hear from individuals and groups when searching for a grant for iPads is why not go directly to apply for a Apple iPad Grant. Apple grants tend to refer more towards foundations that fund grants for apple computers not actually grants from Apple itself because Apple does not regularly give grants directly, they tend to give to large foundations so they can direct the money where it’s needed.
Learn more about Apple Grants For Computers here.

Costs for one ipad can be between $500 and to $900 without apps included depending on the capacity and connectivity needed.
Apple iPad 2 MC769LL/A Tablet (16GB, WiFi, Black) 2nd Generation

$399.99 Buy Now Below are real life examples of groups, individuals and schools that sought and won grant money to pay for iPads.
Read Qualifications Carefully Before Applying For A Grant. Before writing a grant proposal make sure you are not wasting your time by applying for grants that you will not qualify for.
Define need before looking for a specific grant to apply for. You may waste a lot of time looking from grants that advertise they pay for iPads. Your best bet is to look for grants that help with the specific need you are trying to fill. For example: If your trying to obtain iPads to improve reading skills of first graders, look for foundations with a passion for improving literacy.
Do not be shy about applying for technology grants. There are many grants to innovate new technology into the classroom. Just be prepared to define how you are going to use the devices in a new way.
Don’t forget to search local and ask businesses to donate. If your a nonprofit or community groups such as a pre-school, nursing home, community outreach program or other community group don’t be afraid to ask local business or organizations to help. Get inventive, while you may or may not get one company or group to pay for the whole project, you may get several that will pay it together.
Research statistics for your project. Don’t just tell donors that iPads will help solve the problem you project is trying to improve give them supporting evidence.
Don’t give up at your first few no’s. Getting a lot of nos can sometime be daunting but it is just part of the process. Most successful grant applicants have filled out application upon application until they are finally successful.


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