Google wants developers to explore white space broadband

Google wants developers to explore white space broadband

Google wants developers to explore white space broadband | Nov 16th 2013 1:41 PM
Google wants to use unused spectrum known as white space to bring Internet connectivity to rural areas.

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Google has created a way for developers to explore nearby unused radio spectrum, known as white space, that can be used to wirelessly deliver Internet access. Using an API, developers are able to consult Google databases to determine what, if any, white space is available in their area.

“Spectrum is an essential resource to fuel the Internet’s future—it can power improved broadband access and spark innovation in wireless technology. And, as with any important resource, effective management can help make sure we’re making the most of what’s available.” Alan Norman, Access Principal at Google

Google, which first made the API available for developers Nov. 14, said that several commercial providers, including a division of General Electric, had already used its database to find and test white space. One company, Adaptrum, used the database to deploy white space-based Wi-Fi on the campus of West Virginia University.

White space refers to swaths of radio spectrum that has been licensed by a local authority for broadcast use but that is currently unused. In the U.S., portions of white space arose as television broadcasters switched from analog to digital broadcasts.

The FCC gave Google permission to create and use its white space database in June 2013.


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