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Locating a Medical Marijuana Dispensary: What to Look For, What to Look Out For

Locating a Medical Marijuana Dispensary:
What to Look For, What to Look Out Formedical-cannabis-marijuana-dispensaries
Whether you’ve been using medical marijuana in California for years to treat the chronic, wrenching pain of fibromyalgia; or whether you just got your first prescription for medicinal pot to manage an eating disorder, you want to find a dispensary near you that can deliver effective, safe, and legal medicinal marijuana.

This post will examine what to look for (and what to look out for!) when reviewing dispensaries.

Finding Candidate Dispensaries

Obviously, you can Google around (or use Google maps) to locate shops near you. Doing preliminary research on the web is great. Check out any candidate treatment center’s website, credentials, testimonials, and online resources. Different dispensaries offer different products. Some may offer free patient consultations. Some dispensary websites will give you discounts on products you might like to use.

Leveraging Other Patients’ Experiences

Just doing research on the internet may not be enough. A terrific looking shop may have a shabby website; and vice versa. Customer feedback can be a way to bridge this knowledge gap. For instance, using customer review sites, Facebook, and other social networking tools, you can get more detailed feedback about an establishment.

You can also check out forums devoted to medical marijuana “best practices” to learn what to expect when you visit dispensaries and to further your education about how marijuana can treat arthritis, cancer, chemotherapy, chronic pain, glaucoma, nausea, and other ailments.

In Person Visit

Once you’ve zeroed in on a good local dispensary – one that has a great website and excellent consumer reviews – go for a visit. Keep in mind that the medical marijuana industry is still at a very early stage, so there is not a lot of uniformity among dispensaries. Make sure that the people who help you have the credentials, background, and experience to advise effectively, and be sure to keep your doctor informed of your treatment progress.

A Cannabis Spray Delivery System for Natural Relief

Sativex Spray:

A Cannabis Spray Delivery System for Natural Relief

Independent studies show that medical marijuana (cannabis) can help relieve pain caused by glaucoma, anxiety, and chronic illnesses. Thanks to Proposition 215 Act, Californians can now use medicinal cannabis to manage chronic pain.What is Sativex?

Sativex is an extract from medicinal cannabis plants. It contains active compounds, such as tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and cannabidiol (CBD). Developed by a British company, GW Pharmaceuticals, Sativex offers an alternative way to take medicinal marijuana. Instead of smoking the marijuana or ingesting it orally, you literally spray the cannabis medication under your tongue.sativex-spray-alternative-medicine
Sativex: Safe for Use

Over the past decade, Sativex has been approved for safe use in Britain and Canada, after multiple trials showed that the medication effectively treats multiple sclerosis pain. Whereas a lot of other medicinal marijuana drugs used synthesized forms of marijuana extract, Sativex uses real extract from pot plants. According to tests and anecdotal evidence, Sativex appears not only to relieve pain but also to reduce spasms and muscular tension in multiple sclerosis patients.


Can’t Sleep? Medical Marijuana Can Help Treat Your Insomnia

Medical Marijuana Can Help Treat Your Insomnia

Many people fail to realize how lack of sleep can have a negative effect on their life. Insomnia is not only the cause of poor health; it can also greatly reduce your productivity at work and when left untreated, it can even lead to death.

Although there are several over the counter drugs available to help people fall asleep, many of these products cause drowsiness during the day — not to mention other potential medical complications. There are many insomnia sufferers who complain of feeling tired and sluggish during the day after using sleeping aids.

The good news is you no longer have to settle for harmful sleeping aids.  There is a safe and effective alternative known as medical marijuana.  Medical marijuana has worked wonders for many victims of insomnia.

It is important to note that medical marijuana is a natural alternative that doesn’t have the dangerous effects that many sleeping aids have.  More importantly, medical marijuana doesn’t make you feel sluggish and fatigue.  As a matter of fact, after consuming medical marijuana, it helps you to fall into a relaxing slumber.  When you awake, you’ll feel well rested and revived.

Marijuana for medical use is legal today in California. To legally access medical marijuana today, you need a medical marijuana ID card and prescription that was issued by a certified medical doctor. To arrange an appointment today with a local doctor here in Oakland, CA who can write these prescriptions, please go to our contact and appointment page here- Marijuana ID Cards.


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