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Who Qualifies for Medical Marijuana ID Card?medical marijauana prescriptions

If you suffer from a chronic condition, such as pain, cancer, glaucoma, or arthritis, California
Proposition 215 Act allows you to consume medicinal cannabis to manage your symptoms. You
must get an official diagnosis and recommendation from a physician (or psychologist, podiatrist,
acupuncturist, doctor of naturopathy, etc) and submit records that verify the diagnosis.

Once you are approved, you can possess 8 ounces of marijuana legally in the state of California
(not including stems and leaves) and maintain six mature plants at your house (or 12 immature
ones). If your physician recommends it, you can actually possess more, per Senate Bill 420.  To
get a medical marijuana card in California, here are the steps:

1. Get a recommendation from your physician.

2. Submit form CDPH 9042.

3. Send your form to your county’s health department with an application fee, copy of your
doctor’s recommendation, proof of residence, and a government issued photo ID, such as a
driver’s license or passport.

Note that, once you get your medical marijuana identification card, also known as an MMIC, you
should use cannabis in a safe and legal way. Here are some tips:

  • Avoid smoking marijuana where the law prohibits smoking (e.g. airports, restaurants, schools, et cetera)
  • Avoid smoking around your children
  • Prevent your children from accessing the marijuana
  • Store your marijuana safely in your car’s trunk. Avoid keeping loose marijuana in your vehicle, as you could get charged with possession.
  • Avoid giving marijuana to friends or family members – this is illegal.
  • Do not operate your vehicle after ingesting or smoking marijuana.
  • Educate yourself about use and abuse – how cannabis can treat problems like fibromyalgia, chronic pain, nausea, eating disorders, et cetera.


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