How Marijuana Can Help Patients with Glaucoma | Medical Marijuana

Glaucoma is a painful, chronic condition, in which pressure on the eyeball increases over time, causingMarijuana can treat glaucoma
blurred vision, pain, loss of capacity, and possibly loss of vision altogether. Its etiology is obviously
complex, and possible solutions abound.

But one solution that you might not have considered – but likely should have considered – is medicinal
Marijuana has a history as a medicine that dates back centuries. Indeed, in 1937, when Congress passed
the Marijuana Tax Act, which effectively turned cannabis illegal, the only opponent of the bill was a
representative from the American Medical Association!

Marijuana’s active chemical compounds, cannabinoids, can help with a variety of health conditions,
possibly including chronic pain, fibromyalgia, nausea, multiple sclerosis, and arthritis. Active marijuana
compounds can limit pressure in the eyes of glaucoma patients, thus limiting damage.

And while some clinicians suggest that more conventional therapies are better for relieving intraocular
pressure – they may do so better than cannabinoids – drugs and conventional therapies also have side
effects that can make them inappropriate or even dangerous for certain patients.

If you are one of the more than 60 million glaucoma sufferers worldwide, you may be able to slow the
progress of this frustrating disorder – which has the potential to degrade and destroy the optic nerve –
with the proper, medically-supervised use of medicinal marijuana.


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