DING! 1996-1997 

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And from an article titled “TOP-SECRET NEW WORLD ORDER PLAN”, from the same publication: “…Television commentator Bill Moyers found out during a fifteen-day, globe-spanning trip in the company of David Rockefeller that just about a dozen or fifteen individuals made day-to-day decisions that regulated the flow of capital and goods throughout the entire world.” He quotes Bill Moyers himself as saying: “David Rockefeller is the most conspicuous representative today of the ruling class: a fraternity of men who shape the global economy and manage the flow of its capital. Rockefeller was born to it, and he has made the most of it. But what some critics see as a vast international conspiracy, he considers a circumstance of life and just another day’s work…. In the world of David Rockefeller it’s hard to tell where business ends and politics begin.” Cannot we say the same thing about the Executive branch of the U.S. Government? It’s hard to tell where politics ends and the ‘corporate’ military-industrial ‘government’ begins. Later in the same publication, in reference to “PHILADELPHIA PHASE III”, we read: “The basic scenario finalized at the June 1996 meeting in Toronto, and completed with other reliable sources, is as follows: (1) Quebec makes its Unilateral Declaration of Independence between January and March 1997. This situation provides the “trigger” for the catastrophic and irreversible “breakup” of Canada and the “Declaration of a National State of Emergency” in the Eastern and Northeastern part of the United States. (Note: Those British citizens within British Columbia AND Quebec can prevent a civil war by doing the last thing that the New World Order advocates expect, that is they can do NOTHING. If you refuse to go to war against your Canadian brothers and sisters of Quebec then there will be NO civil war. The only ones left to fight will be the German military units occupying Canada — you know, the same guys who killed Frenchmen, Britons AND Americans in the last two world wars. Whether or not you believe Quebec should have its independence, you must ask yourself — what would be more preferable… an independent Quebec, or a devastating civil war that will end in the destruction of both British Columbia and Quebec and the assimilation of ALL of Canada into the New World Order? If war breaks out between the New World Order and North/South America, the Republics of British Columbia and Quebec will have to either side with the NWO or America.

There will be NO neutrality in such a war. Either Canada, Mexico, Central America, South America, etc., will be completely taken over by the New World Order — meaning that their cultural distinctiveness and national independence will be forever destroyed — or they will join as allies with the United States of America in a type of Union of American Republics, independent Republics, yet united in a common front to defend these last bastions of freedom and liberty on earth from the onslaught of a neo-Nazi “New World Order” dictatorship. IF we choose that side which we KNOW is favored by Almighty God, then we will have Divine protection and guidance. Remember that those satanic cults which motivated the atrocities of Nazi Germany are the VERY SAME FORCES which are promoting the New World Order. And if you think Nazi Germany was bad news, you can bet that this time around they will have learned from their ‘mistakes’ and will be far more determined this time to succeed. So we must also learn from the mistakes of OUR past and be even more determined to succeed than our would-be enemies. Remember what George Washington revealed in respect to his vision of America’s future. If we try to build and maintain a society — in spite of our past mistakes and lack of vigilance against the enemies of freedom from without and within –, a society which is based on justice, mercy, truth and indeed a “nation under God”, then all of the powers of heaven and the angelic forces will be behind us. I myself am a non-denominational Christian Patriot who believes in Jesus as the only spiritually begotten Son of God. If we are honest with ourselves, then we must admit that the greater majority of those who formed the U.S. Constitution held the same belief. I don’t believe that a certain ‘denomination’ should be given political favoritism, but I do believe that this country was founded on the Judeo-Christian ideal that all men are created equal and that God is no respector of persons. Those who believe that they are somehow superior to their fellow man are not truly Christian Patriots and would probably be more comfortable with the self-deifying pagan belief systems which gave rise to Nazi Germany and which in turn have given rise to the New World Order and its hierarchy of leaders who consider themselves to be the “Master Race”.

So again, there is no neutrality in this war whether it be political, philosophical or spiritual neutrality. So, as Joshua once said… “choose ye this day whom ye will serve”. – Branton) (2) A six-way [Canadian] civil war erupts, involving, in its first stage, the Cree Indians, Quebec population and the Canadian Forces; and in its second stage, the population of Quebec and Canada at three different levels: a war of French against English Canadians, a war between French Catholics and English Protestants and a war of identity.” At this point please allow me to offer a number of relative comments regarding the draconian agenda on and beyond planet earth, following which we will return to the PHILADELPHIA III scenario: In regards to a potential conflict between Catholics and Protestants, the Charismatic Catholics might be helpful in preventing such a potential ‘religious war’, due to their emphasis on Christ as the Savior. The Jesuits in the Catholic Church tend to emphasize the deification of Mary, the Saints, and angels whereas the Masons in certain Protestant Churches tend to emphasize the deification of self through fraternal advancement. Taken to the extreme, both of these organizational structures can be turned towards polytheistic idolatry rather than Christ-ianity. It may be that the Jesuit-Masons will try to turn the Catholics against the Protestants and vise versa, encouraging the other to accuse the other of ‘blasphemy’. Such accusations, if provoked, will of course be nothing more than blind hypocrisy on both sides. However, focusing on Jesus Christ of Nazareth as the only begotten Son of God would serve to bring all ‘Christians’ together. This would be true ‘Christ-ianity’, as opposed to its counterfeit… ‘Church-ianity’ or idolatry. Churchianity is apostate Christianity, or a ‘church’ which has lost its spiritual aspect and focus on ‘things above’, and has reverted instead into an idolatrous economic and politically based organization, one which exploits spiritual passions and beliefs for the sake of promoting the political and economic agendas of the leaders. BEWARE of those churches who would lead you to believe that a human religious leader or religious leaders are mandatory ‘mediators’ between us and Christ. If you don’t believe that CHRIST ALONE is the savior then you have no right calling yourself a ‘Christian’, since you are trusting in fallible humans for your salvation.

Now of course one has the FREE AGENCY to choose just what to believe, whether they accept Christianity or not, and I’m certainly NOT trying to take your right of self-determination away from you. We DO have the right to choose our destiny, but along with that right comes the responsibility of accepting the consequences of our choices. The Pharisees — those who crucified Jesus of Nazareth — were a perfect example of a religious institution which lost its inward spiritual essence and became nothing but an empty eco-political shell. Jesus had threatened the Pharisees’ economic and political hold over the Jews, and so in collaboration with the Romans they were determined to kill Him. However in doing so they unknowingly fulfilled the prophecy in Isaiah chapter 53. The Jesuits, who were behind the inquisitions of Europe — during which hundreds of thousands of Christians were slaughtered — and who according to writer Edmond Paris served as ‘advisors’ to the Nazi S.S. in their ‘inquisition’ against the Jews, are another example. If I am not mistaken, then it would seem that if an organization ceased from spreading a message of spiritual regeneration for the benefit of others and rather turned to killing hundreds of thousands of European Protestants and Meso-American Natives for the sole purpose of preserving their eco-political empire, then it would seem that this would not be an institution which is based on the teachings of Jesus, and therefore not ‘Christian’. The Jesuits never were Christians nor even Catholics. Ignatius Loyola had a previous arrest record in Spain for subversive activities as a gnostic, and had manipulated himself into the Vatican through flattery by promising an un-discerning Pontiff his devotion as the head of a ‘militia’ that would serve to protect the interests of the Popes and of the Vatican. The Jesuit infiltration of Catholicism AND the Masonic infiltration of Protestantism incidentally was planned well in advance by the Bavarian cults. The Bavarian ‘serpent’ cults control both Jesuitism and Masonry in spite of the apparent outward animosity between the two. In turn they control the Bilderberg society, which at the core has a council or 39 initiates, or 13 Black Nobility, 13 Wicca Masons and 13 Maltese Jesuits.

Another example of Jesuit-Masonic collaboration is the Scottish Rite of Masonry itself. As an interesting note, some contactees refer to an ancient conflict involving Orionite ‘Greys’ and Sirian ‘Nordics’. The Orionites and Sirians allegedly fought for control of the ancient Egyptian ruling fraternities, and this later developed into a war between the [Un]Holy Roman Empire/Jesuits/Nazis who were backed by the Orionites, and their opposition within the British Empire and its Masonic lodges who were backed by the Sirians. With the Orionite infiltration of the extraplanetary ‘Ashtar’ collective or the ‘Melchizedek’ lodges, and with the infiltration of the Masonic lodges on earth by the Orion-backed Bavarian Jesuit/Illuminati/Thule societies, the unsuspecting Ashtarians and Masons were manipulated into serving the agendas of the Orionite and Jesuit infiltrators, respectively. This is why humans from Sirius-B who had formerly been at war with the Orionites could be turned to serving the agendas of Orionite agents — operating in and around the Hale-Bopp ‘comet’ — who had infiltrated the Sirian’s ‘Ashtar’ collective. To these Sirians, they weren’t dealing with ‘Draconian-Orionites’, but with ‘Ascended Masters’. Hale-Bopp is apparently an Orionite ‘Trojan Horse’, intent on supporting a New World Order to be ruled in part from the CLUB OF ROME’s joint Illuminati-Grey Alien base under Pine Gap, Australia. All of this has been prepared in advance through the joint Nazi-Grey abduction and implantation of millions of people throughout the world — see the quote at the beginning of this file. Am I insane? Is all of this merely the ramblings of a lunatic? I suppose time will tell, however this is what my ‘other worldly sources’ have ‘told’ me, and is followed-up by what others have been saying. Think about it, if a hostile alien force had its sites on earth, would they arrive as part of a mindlessly destructive ‘INDEPENDENCE DAY’ invasion, or could we credit them with a bit more intelligence — although no less malevolence — by carrying out a type of ‘Operation Trojan Horse’, to coin a phrase from well-known Ufologist John Keel? Perhaps they would plan well in advance to bring the planet to a state where resistance would be minimal… massive abductions, mind control, infiltration, underground staging bases, genetic projects to create alien warriors who could operate well in the environment, overtures to foolish and greedy planetary rulers so as to gain their cooperation, multi-leveled deception and psychological warfare, a global government that would facilitate an easier takeover — taking control of the leaders of an already-existing power-structure rather than destroying the old structure and creating a new one. And perhaps a main invasion force arriving in the tail of a ‘comet’ so as not to attract too much fear and negative reaction — and when the so-called ‘comet’ passes the planet they could attempt to send out powerful transmissions to activate implants and subliminal programming within abductees…

I believe that it’s time that the ‘battle lines’ are drawn. If we do not know who our friends and our enemies are ‘out there’ — that is, those creative and ‘free’ POWER STRUCTURES as opposed to those destructive and ‘slave’ POWER STRUCTURES existing upon, below and beyond this planet — then we are more likely to BECOME the enemy by default. The collectivist Ashtarian and Masonic lodges, with their ‘all-inclusive’ philosophies, tend to cloud the LINE between self-centered elitist agendas as opposed to agendas based on service towards the overall good of others. The only real thing that the collectivists are ‘unified’ in is their self-centeredness, and in the collectives only those ‘selves’ which are strongest will survive, and these ‘selves’ in turn will tend to siphon the individuality from the weaker ‘selves’ around them. It’s like the black hole which many astrophysicists believe exists at the center of the galaxy. It is the largest black hole in the galaxy, and even though other smaller ‘black holes’ exist around it, these tend to be pulled in to and assimilated by the super-black-hole. I wonder if this has anything to do with the Nazi occult worship of the ‘Black Sun’, which is in essence the worship of the black hole at the center of the galaxy? The collectivists would also attempt to spread the gnostic lie that there is no ‘good’ nor ‘evil’, but just ‘experience’. From my perspective, evil is a “service to self” mode and good is a “service to others” mode, so since these two modes OBVIOUSLY exist, the occult “channelers” for instance who spout this sort of rot are proven to be LIARS. This lie that there is no ‘battle-line’, so-to-speak, between good and evil because neither really exists, only serves the agenda of evil. So then, we must draw the ‘galactic battle lines’ between those alliances which strive to adhere to a service-to-others / non-interventionist philosophy and those alliances which choose to adhere to a service-to-self / interventionist philosophy. Also we will include the collectivists who claim that they don’t ‘take sides’ but are neutral. I am sorry, but in this cosmic conflict which our galaxy finds itself in there is NO neutrality. It’s like Switzerland, they were ‘neutral’ in World War II. But of course their ‘neutrality’ did not prevent them from protecting stolen Nazi gold in their bank vaults.

If one is not for the side of service-to-others, then they are by default on the side of service-to-self, which leads to collectivism, since in a self-centered collective the most selfish tend to assimilate the weaker of their own kind. Collectivism is therefore a form of interventionism, since it violates and invades the individuality and personal sovereignty of others, whether on a planetary, national, local, or individual basis. Individual-Collectivism can be useful, like the INTERNET for instance because the individual has control over their interaction with the collective and can ‘log-on’ and ‘log-off’ at any time they chose. When a collective however INVADES a persons individuality, as the Ashtar and Grey collectives do by implanting permanent micro-electronic devices WITHIN the person, invading their personal boundaries, then that collective is a dictatorship of the worst form as it violates the God-given sovereignty of those who are ‘assimilated’ or born into such a collective. Once the collective has violated ones personal boundaries by ones personal CHOICE, then they are in essence ‘selling their soul’ to the collective — in this case their ‘soul’ being their identity, emotions, sovereignty, free agency, etc. This puts the person’s soul at extreme risk. For instance, an impending example of this on this planet would be a computer chip implanted into one’s right hand or in their forehead in order to be a part of a planetary economic collective, as prophesied in Revelation Chapter 13. If one succumbs to such a temptation they would in essence be giving up their soul and identity in exchange for physical gains. Once the soul is COMPLETELY ‘assimilated’ into such a collective there is no turning back because personal will and free choice have been forfeited. The exception would be someone who is ‘assimilated’ against their will via deception, or through force and ignorance as with a child. Even though I myself have been implanted with psionic mind control devices, and at least one hemisphere of my mind assimilated into the Ashtar ‘collective’, this was done without my full conscious agreement but through deception and trickery. Because of this, I have retained a ‘conscious identity’ and a will which has been able by the grace of God to ‘fight back’, even though the ‘psychic battles’ have been VERY difficult at times, a virtual psychological HELL.

Based on what has been learned from a number of contactees, it would seem as if the Reptiloid-Grey interventionist-collectivists have succeeded in conquering several human colonial worlds in the past through ‘Trojan horse’ type strategies. Most of these have been quasi-collectivist societies whose global leaders have discouraged national, cultural and individual distinction, and who have sold themselves over to the alien agenda for self-centered motives, succumbing to the deception and propaganda of the aliens. Once the Reptiloid-Grey collectivists however set their sites on planet earth, they were faced with a whole new challenge. Because of planet earth’s national, cultural and individual diversity and because the situation on earth was unpredictable as a result of this, the alien[s] were forced to gain more of a following of collaborating human elite than they normally would in order to establish their global dictatorship. This global ‘New World Order’ government would more easily facilitate the planet’s assimilation into the alien collective. In anticipation of this, the aliens began to support and infiltrate the international fraternal networks [the Lodge, or Masonry] several centuries ago. Being that the United States of America was the strongest supporter of individual sovereignty and freedom — individual distinctiveness, freedom and creativity being the mortal enemy of the collective — they established several ‘Trojan horse’ underground bases in America behind the guise of “technology transfer”, below various strategic areas. Even though representatives from several ‘Federation’ worlds — who were well aware of the nature and strategies of the Reptiloid-Grey collectivists because of ages-old conflicts with the same — warned the NSA-controlled executive branch of government against having anything to do with the “Greys” who were entering the system in staging bases that had been constructed within ‘engineered’ planetoids, the NSA ignored their overtures. The NSA, which may have already maintained a secret alliance with the reptilian collectivists due to its ‘Nazi’ roots, continued with the “interaction” projects, heedless to the warnings of the Federationists. The technology exchanges occurred, however needless to say the super-technology could only be used and operated by the aliens themselves, or by agents or scientists working for the fascist corporate-industrialists [rather than the Congressional-Electorate government] who were completely programmed and mind-controlled by the alien “hive”.

Those within the collaboration who showed signs of resistance against the agenda had a tendency to disappear or die prematurely. The Reptiloid and Grey interventionists managed to infiltrate and take control of the deeper subterranean human collectivist [Ashtarian] colonies, although as they continued the planetary takeover from the bottom up [the same strategy they use to take over the minds of human abductees — from the ‘deeper’ collective unconscious level to the ‘outer’ individual conscious levels], they met with some resistance from more individualistic American military forces who had access to the underground network, as well as from non-collectivist Federation forces. Through selective implantation and assassination, further dubious treaties, technology exchanges and “false flag” strategies — i.e. feigning benevolence — the resistance was for the most part subdued. Several ‘Trojan horse’ bases that were used to gain control over specialized fields of military-industrial research and development under the guise of the technology-exchanges were established beneath the following areas: Montauk – Camp Hero, Long Island [quantum-hyperspace mechanics & microwave mind-control]; the Denver International Airport [transportation & human containment]; Little Cottonwood Canyon – Dougway, Utah [cloning & cybernetics]; Mercury – Area-51, Nevada [nuclear & antigravity]; Lancaster – Tehachapi, California [ aerospace & computing]; and Ft. Lewis – Madigan, Washington State [bio-medical & bio-replication]. And of course the major base which supervises the activities taking place in all of the above, the ancient underground facilities below the Dulce – 4-Corners area of New Mexico. It was inevitable that draconian collectivism and human individualism would eventually clash within the joint-operational underground networks, and it seems to have began in 1975 during a ‘demonstration’ by the Greys of an antimatter reactor within the underground levels of the Area. There were a large number of human scientists and security personnel present in the underground chamber where the demonstration was taking place. The Greys DEMANDED that the military officers either disarm themselves or leave the room. One military officer, offended by this display of alien arrogance on a planet where the aliens were supposed to be ‘visitors’, questioned the order. This led to a conflict of interest which erupted into a military altercation, which ended with the death of one Grey alien and several dozen human scientists and security officers. Although there were apparently no further confrontations at that base [at that time], the incident was NOT forgotten, and may have sowed the seeds of a resistance movement which escalated within the “Dulce” [pronounced “dul-see”] base 4 years later in 1979, which became known as the DULCE WARS.

The resistance was led by the late[?] Thomas Edwin Castello, who was in contact with personal friends until the mid-1990’s at which point he disappeared. Castello was head of Security at the multi-levelled base, and joined with 9 other workers initially in an effort to sabotage the biomedical atrocities that were being perpetrated on abductees who were being brought to the base… some temporarily, but others permanently. Others joined the resistance, and even a few tall “reptiloids” which did not agree with the policies of their collective and who had developed a degree of individual emotionalism as a result of their close association with the humans, also joined. There were apparently traitors in the midst of this resistance, although just who it was is uncertain. The resistance grew as the result of the discovery that the “White Draco” leaders of the base had broken the “treaty” and were holding several thousand abductees against their will in more remote alien-controlled levels of the underground network, in cages or in cryogenic containment, so that their body parts could be used for various biogenetic experiments, or worse. Several of the scientists who had discovered the “Grand Deception” were found out and taken captive and held in peripheral sub-bases such as those beneath the Ute Reservation of SW Colorado and SE Utah, and at least two major altercations broke out. In one conflict, several special forces were sent in to rescue the captive scientists and abductees. This mission was a miserable failure, except for the fact that over 200 aliens were killed and some 66 special forces out of 100 that were sent in also died in the firefight. Another attack was apparently ordered by the leaders of the fascist collaboration, who ordered the assassination of all members of the resistance, Americans, Nordics, Reptiloids… Most of the members of the resistance were slaughtered in cold blood, although a few escaped, Thomas Castello being one of them. Whether or not these attacks were ordered by two different intelligence agencies, or one schizophrenic [MJ-12] agency, the fact remains that these overall events led to a major split within the American intelligence community, and this may have contributed to a similar resistance that DID result in the sabotage and cessation [for a few years at least] of the Thule Society/CIA-NSA/Orion Grey projects at the Montauk base six years later in 1985. The Reptiloid and Grey collectivist-interventionists of Draconis and Orion became desperate as the situation grew increasingly out of control. Time was running out, and the alien collectivists faced the danger that their centuries-old agenda to infiltrate and conquer the surface nations of planet earth was falling apart at the seems. All efforts were directed towards the infiltration of American and global society in general, and the destruction of the U.S. Constitution and implementation of the New World Order via their collaborator agents on earth.

On a more personal note. For several years I have personally experienced unusual re-occurring “dreams” of interacting with aliens in underground basing systems. Some of these apparently had to do with certain Ashtarian/Telosian-Shastan/Aghartian semi-collectivist colonies which have since been stressed by, if not infiltrated and taken over by, the draconian collectivists. At one point in 1995, a clear and distinct “voice” in my mind told me that I was “a CIA agent”. Fearing my sanity, I ignored the “voice”, however I was painfully reminded a few days later when I was told by a close friend — an abductee whose father worked on the Los Alamos Manhattan project — that in more than one abduction experience “I” myself had come and taken her to some underground facilities below the foothills of the Western Rockies in the Salt Lake Valley of Utah, where we encountered alien beings. The beings presented themselves as being benevolent, but this might have been a facade, that is, unless I subsequently recieve proof of the fact. During one of these experiences she asked “me” why I had security access to all of these underground facilities. According to her — I kid you not, I did not mention a thing about the “voices” in my head a few days earlier — “I” reluctantly told her during this abduction episode of hers that it was because I worked for the CIA! I do not “consciously” recall this particular incident, whether as a “dream”, or whatever. I do however recall having several “underground dreams” wherein I saw the tall and in some cases small alien humanoids she mentioned. According to several contactees, during abductions alien beings often impose — through a form of technosis — a state of consciousness similar to that which one experiences while in the dream state, so that upon awakening the abductee is led to believe that the experience was all a dream, even though evidence often exists suggesting that something did happen during the night. In my friends case it was strange bruises and markings on her body that were not there when she went to sleep. After hearing this confession by my “other self” of being a CIA agent, she became violently angry and the next morning recalled the emotions relative to the event and in turn the event itself. Both of us have also met other abductees who were experiencing “double lives”, a conscious life and a suppressed life in an altered state of consciousness, interacting with aliens of all types. Several of these people — who happen to live in the Salt Lake Valley — spoke of being involved, in their nocturnal “alternate” lives as an abductee, with some kind of violent space war taking place between two groups of aliens who maintain underground bases and strongholds within the Rocky Mountains, with each side determined to root out the opposition… Some have suggested that some of the Greys want to break free from the Draconian-controlled Orion Empire, and may be training human abductees to fight their erstwhile draconian overlords in that capacity if such a revolution occurs.

If this were to occur, due to the collective itself, it might be the individualist Hubrids who lead such a resistance, along with Greys who may have developed some degree of independent emotional expression due to their close contact with the more emotionally-individualistic Hubrids. It would seem however that by commandeering the unconscious lives of abductees and training them to fight a war — against the Draconians, or in the case of “collectivist” Greys against the Federation, the U.S. Government, or what have you — the Greys are doing to abductees on earth exactly what the Draconians have done to them. They have made them the unconscious puppets of their collective agenda. As they say, abuse tends to breed abusers. I would NOT suggest that our military come to the aide of any Greys and Hubrids [Hu-brids being hy-brids born with a human soul-matrix] who are trying to defect from the Draconian collective UNLESS the Greys/Hubrids fully submit themselves to a Congressional or a joint Congressional/Federation council if such can be established. The reason for this would be to ensure that all human forces and operations are FULLY monitored by Congress. There WILL no doubt be Greys — the Grey-Reptiloid hybrids for instance — which WILL attempt to sabotage such a resistance or feign themselves as being part of the resistance, when in fact they would be working for the Draconian elite. Such collectivist-Greys might try to gain the assistance of a human agency, excusing their former abuses with something like “we didn’t have a choice, we were just following the orders of the Dracos… but now we want to rebel and break away from the Draconians with your help.” Even if there were an element of sincerity in the desire for individualist Greys/Hubrids to break free, the collectivists themselves might use the situation to gain a stronger foothold in our society… as they have done with the ‘treaties’. Even if some of the past treaties were implemented by Greys with semi-ethical motives, which I strongly doubt, then the collectivists themselves would step in and betray these treaties and use them as Trojan horses to establish more control within human society, which they HAVE done. For this reason, ANY such resistance must be absolutely CONTROLLED AND DIRECTED by Congress or a Congressional/Federation council. Any Grey or even Reptiloid that has just recently acquired individuality and partly severed itself from the collective “hive” could certainly NOT be trusted to make key life-and-death decisions involving humans, since they would no doubt retain some level of residual “collective programming”.

Supposing one government agency makes a deal with the Greys to “fight” their enemies the Draco… It could be that yet another government agency might be manipulated into an opposing agenda in what would amount to a galactic Machievellian scenario. It fact it may have already happened. Contactee Alex Collier claims to have learned from Andromedan-Pleiadean non-interventionists — who have ‘blockaded’ our system to prevent outside malevolent forces from taking advantage of our present planetary chaos and changes — that at least one agency has sent out a call for help to alien civilizations to come to our defense and assist us in rooting out the Greys that have become entrenched in our planet. One group responded. Wouldn’t you know it, it was the Reptiloids from Alpha Draconis, whose forces are apparently en-route to earth according to Collier. Also, a large armada from Sirius-B is reportedly on its way to the Sol system and due to arrive around 2004, and these may or may not be allies with the Draconians. Hopefully they are not. There are some reports which seem to imply that the large Sirius-B armada may be arriving to defend their own bases in the Sol system and beneath planet earth, that are being stressed or attacked by the Grey-Reptiloid interventionists with whom the Sirians have had conflicts in times past. As for the Alpha Draconians, if and when they are allowed into our system/planet, they will NOT do anything about the Greys, simply because the Draconians SENT THEM HERE in the first place. My only suggestion is to declare our planet, or at least the “upper” and “lower” Continental United States, a “VERMIN FREE ZONE” — that is, NO GREYS, NO REPTILOIDS, NO INSECTOIDS — PERIOD! In order to enforce this we must DEMAND access to the interplanetary and subterranean technology now possessed by the largely alien-infiltrated Military-Industrial Complex.

Those members of the Masonic M.I.C. fraternity must realize that this is their only solution, otherwise they will remain stuck between the proverbial rock and a hard place… with the threat of total assimilation — along with the individuality-killing New World Order — into the alien collective on the one hand, and the threat of an invasion of their Military-Industrial underground by angry patriotic Americans on the other hand. Returning to the incident involving my “alternate identity”, the day following this “abduction” incident — wherein my alter-ego “spook”, or programmed “sleeper agent” you might say, came and took my friend to an underground base — she noticed a black automobile with what looked like government agents sitting in it, parked across the street from her house, and she had the definite feeling that they were observing her. What I found interesting is that my friend informed me that in her experience “I” was left-handed [or right-brain dominant — the right brain being responsible for “non-verbal” mental functions] whereas in my conscious life I am right-handed [left-brain dominant — the left-brain being responsible for “verbal” mental functions]. Having heard previously that those possessing an alternate personality often harbor THE alternate identity in the hemisphere opposite from the one in which they are consciously dominant, I put two-and-two together. I have a strong impression that this alternate identity is NOT entirely an individual personality, but more of an implanted “receptor” for an alien collective mind, you might say. I’ve heard of abductees who have been taken aboard ships within the “Ashtar” collective. They tell of being psionically linked to a powerful intelligence outside of themselves, and as a result of this they are able to perform activities that they normally would or could not do… fly a starship for instance, or rather it would be a case of the “central mind” flying the ship THROUGH them. Contactee Israel Norkin states that the core of the Ashtar collective operations is a 20-mile-long space-based computer mainframe, a MASSIVE artificial intelligence… I have often wondered just when and where this alternate identity was induced into my subconscious mind [apparently by the CIA-Alien collaboration], yet that has continued to elude me, however all of this has served to convince me of just how far the infiltration of our society has progressed, and how it has affected me on a personal basis.

I know of several abductees whose “alternate lives” with Aliens has virtually drained their normal waking lives in a devastating manner, leaving many of them mental and emotional wrecks, which in turn severely affects their abilities to maintain a productive career or social life. If this has been true in my own life, and the lives of other abductees who I know, then how many more people have had their lives sabotaged in this manner by alien infiltration of the subconscious levels of their existence? As an example, my friend who I have mentioned above had a photographic memory when she was a teenager. However after the abductions began, she has had nothing but memory problems galore! I sometimes wonder if these aliens-fascists are deliberately sabotaging our abilities as human beings in order to keep us operating at minimal potential, and facilitate continued control over us on an individual, national and global basis. With the understanding that I am NOT the only one who has been a victim of this type of INTERVENTION, you can perhaps understand my zeal in getting this information out to as wide an audience as possible, and above all to those suffering abductees whom a skeptical society has ignored and ridiculed. Just remember, in spite of those who do not understand — not having undergone the overall abuses that we have, for which they should be eternally thankful — there are millions of people in America and around the world who DO understand. I do hope and pray that the information within this file will help YOU to break free from the influence of the “Intruders” and re-claim your personal sovereignty. Remember, you have the POWER to claim your INDEPENDENCE from these collectivist parasites. Their weapon is to DECEIVE you into believing that you must submit and that you have no choice in the matter. THIS IS A LIE!!!

I would strongly recommend however that in standing your ground, that you put your faith in a power that is infinitely greater than the entire alien collective… that is Almighty God. My own attempts to break free from the control of the alien collectivists has been a long and painful process, however I am convinced that the Almighty, and to some extent ethical other-worldly forces, have helped me along the way — possibly more than I can ever know. Once the ‘enemy within’ was exposed however, and I began to resist the process of alien infiltration of my unconscious mind, I was in a sense able to ‘defect’ from the collective with some rather damaging information — damaging to the continuity of the ‘collective’ that is. The collectivists are taking a chance by connecting individualist humans to their collective via psionic implants, as there is always the possibility that the implants might work both ways. That is, if the abductee becomes aware of how he or she is being manipulated and controlled on an unconscious level, then that person’s individual nature may out of self-preservation feel that his or her personal sovereignty is being threatened and they might try to take back control. In so doing, they might succeed in ‘probing’ or ‘interrogating’ the collective, violating its innermost secrets and thereby threatening its security. This is why the aliens are depending so much on mind control and memory repression via technosis and electro-chemical dissolution of memory, and whatever other methods they use to impose mind control. I will say for a fact that if I can fight back, then other abductees who have been implanted or even those who have been born into the Ashtar collective below or beyond this planet can also fight back and re-claim their individual identities and independence, especially with the help of Divine Intervention. Since my personal discovery of the Ashtarian-Draconian conspiracy to ‘assimilate’ the people of this planet, I have found some remarkable similarities between my perceived reality and certain aspects of the science fiction media. It would seem that the collective unconscious of humanity here on earth perceives certain things on a more subtle level that emerge in the form of inspiration at the conscious level, for instance the possibility of being ‘assimilated’ into an alien control network. And yes, STAR TREK was right on — at least in regards to this part of alien reality — although a scientifically sophisticated race would use micro-miniaturized mind-control devices integrated into the brain’s central nervous system rather than the slow and bulky cybernetic devices depicted in the series and movies. I had to laugh at the movie MARS ATTACKS, because there was so much truth in it in regards to how certain leaders and ‘Grey hugging’ abductees have dealt with the aliens.

The apparent need for people to worship the super-technology of the Greys in spite of their abuses against our society, is incredible. In some cases — as with certain mind-controlled ‘Stockholm Syndrome’ secret government agents themselves — it comes down to just plain FEAR of the power of these creatures. In other words they love them because they are afraid NOT to. We can liken this to the early serpent cults, such as the ancient Neolithic cults which existed on the island of Malta, who built intricate underground temples — for instance the Hypogeum of Hal Saflienti which some actually believe connects at the lowest levels to a massive ‘alien’ underground system — in which they sacrificed tens of thousands of humans in ancient times in order to APPEASE the serpentine ‘gods’ of the underworld. Incidentally, in the late 1930’s over 30 school children disappeared without a trace within the Hypogeum of Hal Saflienti catacombs of Malta along with their teachers and guides, an incident which was reported in NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC magazine for August, 1940. On a more human level there was the British Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain, who in essence turned Czechoslovakia over to Adolf Hitler in a pitiful attempt to APPEASE this dictators appetite for conquest. It had the opposite effect however, and only served to increase Adolf Hitler’s appetite and boldness for conquest and his disdain for weak-willed leaders like Chamberlain. It would be wise to learn from the mistakes of the past. Then there are the legends, whether they have any basis in fact or not, of the Dragons and Dragonslayers of old. For instance there was the leader of the city of Selene, Libya whose community — according to legend — was plagued by a fire-breathing dragon. He attempted to ‘appease’ the beast with livestock, until the livestock were all depleted and the villagers began casting lots so that the chosen ones could be sacrificed and the city could be spared temporarily from further devastating attacks from the dragon. One day the Kings own daughter was chosen, and although grief-stricken the King nevertheless allowed her to be tied to the post outside the city. As the dragon approached, a knight on a white horse and clad in silver armor approached from another direction. It was the notorious Christian Dragonslayer Saint George. With his steel lance and a shield with a red cross emblazoned on a white background reflecting the bright sunlight, the Knight swiftly approached the dragon and impaled it through. Legend says that Saint George married the princess of Selene and they lived happily ever after, as could be expected for a traditional storybook ending. Even if the legend is more symbolic than fact, it nevertheless holds many truths that may be learned today in our dealings with certain ‘alien’ and/or ‘totalitarian’ agendas.

In short, APPEASEMENT IS NEVER THE ANSWER. It is merely a form of CAPITULATION or surrender. The Ashtarian ‘collectivists’ below and beyond this planet for instance believed that by ‘appeasing’ their enemies and allowing them access to their societies, that these malevolent entities might be ‘converted’ to the side of reason. This may have been successful in a few instances, however there are those forces who are so degenerate — like spiritual black holes that have lost every vestige of ‘light’ within themselves — that they will NEVER turn from the side of evil. And so, throwing ones pearls before such ‘swine’ will merely increase their appetite for more ‘pearls’, and thier disdain for those who cast them. In respect to the Reptiloids and Greys, I would personally offer my interpretation of the prophecy in Genesis 3:14, which from my perspective would indicate that the Reptiloids have become a reprobate race with no hope of attaining any degree of spiritual integrity, having completely annihilated as a race any degree of spiritual virtues which they might have originally possessed. History has PROVEN over and over and over again that the Reptiloids/Greys are, in spite of their vast collective intellect, creatures that are irrepairably turned over to base predatory animal instinct, and have lost ALL sense of individual conscience… having in essence become the absolute slaves of those “astral parasites” — if you will — who control them. A physical form capable of developing advanced technology yet NOT capable of maintaining any degree of self-motivated spiritual maturity or conscience to ‘tame’ such lower predatory instincts should NOT be tolerated in this universe. They should not be tolerated any more than an AIDS virus, which knows nothing other than conquest and destruction, should be tolerated within a human body. These reptiloids SHOULD PAY for what they have done to our people as well as to millions if not billions of men, women and children on other colonial worlds throughout the galaxy.

I cannot stress this conviction too much! Of course I am referring here only to bi-pedal reptilian entities capable of developing technology, AND NOT TO the MANY genetic hybrids who have been born with a human soul-matrix, nor to non-bipedal reptiles. Also, any bi-pedal Reptilian that is severed from the collective and has been ‘tamed’ so-to-speak should not be included in this extermination, however it SHOULD be forbidden from procreating after its kind. Genesis 3:14 states that this is the decision of the Almighty — and after all IT IS ‘HIS’ UNIVERSE — which was decreed for the sake of the rest of humankind and the creation. Otherwise, if the problem were allowed to continue, the insatiable predatory drives of these unnatural creatures of unbounded appetite and evil WILL eventually cause their corrupting influence to spread throughout the whole galaxy and universe, and this would eventually mean the end of all human life as we know it… since the Reptiloids and Reptilian Greys have NEVER shown any interest — as an interventionist-collective — in respecting human life anywhere in the universe. Nor have they shown ANY interest in making peace with humankind, except in the case of false overtures of feigned ‘peace’ WHICH ALWAYS, BUT ALWAYS has resulted in the inevitable betrayal and destruction of the human society with whom they have established a ‘peace treaty’. The Genesis prophecy was not necessarily fulfilled at the time it was spoken. As it is with numerous prophecies, this one would not be completed until a later time… Isaiah 65:25 states that the completion of this prophecy will occur sometime during the Millennium. All of the above was confirmed by Dr. Paul Bennewitz, who was one of the most notorious and original investigators of the Grey Alien presence operating within the base underneath the Archuleta mesa near Dulce — and also the canyons near Los Alamos — New Mexico. Bennewitz was later ‘committed’ to an Albuquerque Mental hospital with the help of William Moore and other CIA-backed ‘Ufologists’ who emphatically denied that the abductions, cattle mutilations, and underground bases existed. It is interesting that part of the alleged deal between the CIA and the Alien Greys was that in exchange for technology the CIA had to cover-up the reality of the abductions, cattle mutilations, and the underground bases.

While in the mental hospital, Bennewitz was electroshocked into submission, and when released he publicly stated that he had “no more interest in UFOs”. Before this however, Bennewitz had stated that, from his own experiences with the ‘ALIEN’ [he used the word in a collective sense because most of the aliens there are like individual ‘cells’ in a vast controlling collective organism] he came to the firm conviction that THE ALIEN was irreparably deceitful and that the ONLY way that the alien/aliens could be dealt with or reasoned with is to deal with them as one would with a MAD DOG! The alien collective — being completely sold over to their base animal instincts and to the will of the Luciferian controllers of the collective — only respect one form of authority. That is, BRUTE FORCE! In light of the Luciferian connection, I would say BRUTE SPIRITUAL FORCE as well. If as some claim the true behind-the-scenes controllers of the ‘draconian’ collective or HIVE are the rebel angels themselves, then aside from technological and psychological attack they would use sorcery or black witchcraft to attack our spritial nature. If these rebel angels are irreparably committed to evil, then their ‘puppets’ who we know as the ‘Greys’ or ‘Reptiloids’ may be about as repentant as these infernal beings are themselves, unless of course the Greys/Reptiloids are some how able to break free from the grasp of the ‘Luciferian collective’. As I stated earlier, it is important for us to know where the ‘battle-lines’ exist in this immediate sector of the galaxy surrounding our own Sol-ar system,



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