Kimberly Guest "Social Engineering" or Fraud?


Elyssa Durant, Ed.M. United States of America Forgive typos! iBLAME iPhone


One thought on “Kimberly Guest "Social Engineering" or Fraud?

  1. Stupidity or Defamation?I do not condone what Black or his firm has been accused of..if it even exists. Nor have I participated in any form of cybercrime, frauded for personal gain as it seems to be the case in my opinion. I certainly do not support what Black has been accused and have asked all who supported me in awareness of cybersecurity for a firm which very well may not exist to accept my apologies for my belief of such a personal crime which brought awareness to the very thing I so depise. I have also advised anyone on my web 2.0 sites to withdraw from any groups of his and to block as I've learned more than enough at this point to let the ones out here do what they do to eliminate all involved, as I support whatsoever means used in doing so.I honestly question the safety of our businesses, our children, the future of our net. Security is everything. We each must be proactive, continue to bring awareness but understand we can't trust fully until we absoutely know for sure a firm, persons, a business is acting on ethical terms. I'm just a network marketer who feels awareness is crucial, will still promote but will not be so trusting as reputation in my industry is everything. I hope more is learned on the Black subject as I'd sure like to know who impersonated an imposter gaining all personal and business information of myself, clients, family, colleagues. Once bitten twice shy..You have what you didn't quite know, the facts of my participation. Now please retract your accusations of myself or New World Enterprises, LLC immediately. I will help in anyway needed with this issue as I am here to others by my adversity of cybercrime and identity theft. Thank you.Kimberly GuestHouston, Texas


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