Daily Dose: A message to Earth 6:22:11

Message to Earth:

IF I knew how, and, wanted to make a statement and start a movement, I would do the EXACT same thing Gary did in 2002. I would test the same nodes and see if they were open. See if NASA followed Gary’s advice and locked down security. Not for money,, nor for fame, to prove a point! There is a difference between hacktivism and hacking the crap out of the matrix for shits and giggles. I don’t hack, I don’t know how, but I am tired of people blaming people with Aspergers for their malicious and irresponsible behavior.


I am not anonymous, and I take MANY hits for being so outspoken.

Without naming names” I am tired of being called “Crazy Bitch” and having my sites hacked because I speak my mind,

Am I to STFU because I am speaking the truth?

IDGAF what robotoid trolls think or malicious, negligent criminal hackers think.  They have damaged brain stems, and they will never be able to understand my blog posts or tweet stream, They are not supposed to.These posts are not meant ti be understood by the masses. They are meant to be understood by the few who are capable of understanding the that what appears to be “chaos” is actually an organized logical pattern.

Quantom Chaos, baby! There is a method to my madness, and if you are lucky, or gifted, differently abled, you won’t ask questions or call me names. You will just, “agree” and leave to do my work.

SO, I leave thIs message for the select few. The rest can go outside and “platy with blocks”

The truth is, if this offends you, you probably deserve it, and you don’t deserve my help or anyone elses. It is not my job to educate the planet on things that come easy for those of us who were gifted with multidimensional communication skills. Not ESP just extra sensitive perception, 

As for the rest of you? You are a miserable species, and don’t deserve any help. You will destroy yourselves.

Earth is in a lot of trouble. So I speak to those who understand why I have chosen to leave notes.

The same way Gary left notes.

I may not be hacking the Pentagon play STATION, but I’m leaving a map of a humanE being blackhole blacklist. Now get me the fuck out of here! 8-D 

Can I get a 10-4? Does anybody Roger?

Just me,


Preferrred alias d’jour? How about Will Rogers, USA
(Sure beats the hell out of “CRAZYBITCH”)


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