Conversation #CI #Israel again

Yemmi Agbebi, MBA (@yagbebi)
2011-05-21 02:30
@AhmadAG @drewp83 Good! I LOVE secular Palestine & I LOVE Israel. I want peace for both. But I see Netanyahu/Haniya as impediment to peace
Ahmad abu gharbieh (@AhmadAG)
2011-05-21 02:09
@yagbebi @drewp83 you have not been reading up or tweets from the begining.. we are talking not fighting
Yemmi Agbebi, MBA (@yagbebi)
2011-05-21 01:47
@AhmadAG @drewp83 Both you guys epitomises reason for impasse. I LOVE Israel but I want JUSTICE for Palestine.U guys need to talk not fight
Ahmad abu gharbieh (@AhmadAG)
2011-05-20 16:35
@DrewP83 “In Hebron, Arab mobs killed 65-68 Jews” “Hundreds of Jews were saved by their Arab neighbours” from: wikipedia
Drew P. (@DrewP83)
2011-05-20 16:14
@AhmadAG I talk about the reason of these uprisings. One of the most ridiculous reasons ever, making Muslims to be seen as savages. #Israel
Ahmad abu gharbieh (@AhmadAG)
2011-05-20 15:52
@DrewP83 tell me more about 1929 because wikipedia says: “116 Muslims and 133 Jews were killed”
Drew P. (@DrewP83)
2011-05-20 15:02
@AhmadAG Why what? No right of return? Definitely not on #Israel‘s account. It’s not Israel’s problem “Palestinians” are scattered.
Ahmad abu gharbieh (@AhmadAG)
2011-05-20 13:50
@DrewP83 why?
Drew P. (@DrewP83)
2011-05-20 13:09
NO “#Palestinians” right of return. That’s it, #StupidArabs – It’s final. Demand your right where you live, not from #Israel. Understood?!

Elyssa Durant, Ed.M.

United States of America


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