they are both trolls! Idiots?

MER (@Not2Fear)
2011-04-24 23:39
@kmallan you guys are so elaborately ridiculous.
kevin allan (@kmallan)
2011-04-24 23:33
@Not2Fear did you a favor and unfollowed you for your comfort! hope you enjoyed the song #masterofmanythings #lulz
MER (@Not2Fear)
2011-04-24 23:20
@kmallan well you are harming and harassing me! I am not a troll, I’m not a bot, with your comments on the STUPIDITY of ME posting VIDEO.
kevin allan (@kmallan)
2011-04-24 23:15
@Not2Fear trust me friend im not fucking with you when i do youll get so many replies youll pass out! im here to harm or harass no one!
MER (@Not2Fear)
2011-04-24 23:04
@kmallan riiiiiight so you can say whatever you want…
kevin allan (@kmallan)
2011-04-24 23:00
@Not2Fear simple block me i could give a fuck stupid
MER (@Not2Fear)
2011-04-24 22:59
kevin allan (@kmallan)
2011-04-24 22:54
@Not2Fear show me the tweet stupid besides @endtyrannynow_ is much smarter than you credit him~insist on fucking with me?
MER (@Not2Fear)
2011-04-24 22:43
@endtyrannynow_ oh, no. I have no proof. All I know is that he threatened to hack me all day, and now my ish is effed.
CLANCULARIUS (@endtyrannynow_)
2011-04-24 22:18
@Not2Fear in @kmallan defense show proof of the hack
MER (@Not2Fear)
2011-04-24 22:15
@endtyrannynow_ @kmalln right. can we know what that is, then? will he plz PLZ accuse me of something after hacking me?
CLANCULARIUS (@endtyrannynow_)
2011-04-24 22:12
@Not2Fear I ensure you friend @kmalln carries no such intentions unless you carry some sort of infaction.
MER (@Not2Fear)
2011-04-24 22:01
@DaggerChuck, lemme introduce you to @kmallan && @ElyssaD, who obviously have nothing better to do than troll thru my @twitter stream…

Elyssa Durant, Ed.M.

United States of America


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