Tweet from @rockingjude

@JasonBWhitman just RTd so see if you can see it…will call later..was down all morning… 😉

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Elyssa Durant, Ed.M. CyberSquatter at Large
The Corporation, LLC
United States of America


2 thoughts on “Tweet from @rockingjude

  1. They had a team of “CyberSecurity experts” yet these fuckers needed to learn from me? Tweeting from an iPhone with no SIM? The bitch needed to 1. Unfollow 30,000 people 2. Hire “professionals” 3. Change Whois registry 4. Make her account private to prevent #E from busting them all for multiple incidents of GANG STALKING! No. I haven’t forgotten because even though I blocked all these psychos immediately, I recently learned (a few weeks ago~ February 2012) that Jude Vosika, aside from her other “habits” continues to stalk me and my family years after she first made contact with me. She stole my intellectual property, took my passport and birth certificate, hacked my laptop, Netbook, iPhone, FaceBook, Twitter account and then insisted on replacing it with a Windows 7 phone AND PC and synced all my contact data to her network. Project World Awareness? Project Monarch Alumni Club. Rocking V LodgeJackson, Wyoming”FIRE!”#trafficking


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