Tweet from @longhawl

Have you already forgotten? You already posted that one: @longhawl, 12/25/10 8:52 PM #notDISINFO

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Elyssa Durant, Ed.M. CyberSquatter at Large
The Corporation, LLC
United States of America


3 thoughts on “Tweet from @longhawl

  1. Refers to one of may GangStalking incidents. What kind of psycho plans (literally, PLANS) to harass, threaten, intimidate, and torture someone they barely know on Christmas Eve? Someone who has ulterior motives. She wanted to blackmail my parents and when that didn’t work she tried to send me overseas to strangers affiliated with trafficking in Australia. When that didn’t work, she gave me two hours notice to catch a flight to UTAH and made certain all my personal documents were conveniently left behind~ my dossier documenting my graduate degrees, my state licensure as a therapist, my birth certificate and my passport. Read up on trafficking. That’s SOP. Fuck. That. Shit.


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