Tweet from @longhawl

There continues to be false accusations and comments about RJ being posted to Twitter. Those that know her see this.

Sent from Echofon –

Elyssa Durant, Ed.M. CyberSquatter at Large
The Corporation, LLC
United States of America


3 thoughts on “Tweet from @longhawl

  1. gimme a few minutes. i’m still working on the DailyDDose. Target deadline 4:44am. but trust me… i am going somewhere with all these retro tweets. just be patient. i only got 3 hours of sleep. and that was yesterday.


  2. co-conspirator. i think he may actually be an”alter” for Jude Vosika based upon the network activity and the behavior i witnessed. Jude has a Dx of paranoid schizophrenia the catch all phrase for what is really just a product of CIA Nazi Mind Control … under the code name MKSEARCH, MKULTRA, ARTICHOKE, OPEN EYES, CHATTER, PHOENIX, sub-group called Project Monarch [1957] which is, in short, a robotoid troll for the NWO. She is one of 1 million known survivors in the United States. The bitch is mind controlled SLAVE.


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